hot hot saturday

argh. i quit my job after a day. haha. i feel so so bad for jeremy but then carrying the huge billboard and lugging it around whilst having to give out fliers isnt exactly comfortable. its tiringgg and i cant even whine cos im not doing it with a friend. oh well. quit after a day(: heh.
other than the really hot sun, the really really unbearable heat and the heavy billboard, today was good(: i had my ah chu which was really satisfying((: mango sago with pomelooo. hahaha.good stuff. i can't wait for tomorrow and i cant wait for the coming week. i dont really know whats on or so but i just cant wait. new day= new stuff= new fun(:

# anything/ everything you chase always runs away
love love


yay. i decided to pretty-fy my eljay. its been long and boring and dead and a little revival seemed necessary.whats new? i got my smu acceptance and i accepted it. too fast maybe but thenn. im thinking that it can be rejected laterr if i wanna but oh well, what are the chances of me rejecting it right? haha. maybe if i can accpeted into ahh THAT, then i might reject it. hmm..thats a nice nice thought.

so it feels like school is gonna start again. soon. pretty soon. totally not looking forward to the orientation which i heard is gonna be super tough? and might include a 10km run? i certainly hope not or i'll so so wanna skip it. haha! but then its compulsory. argh. i cant believe the holidays are almost ending! it seems like theres two/ three months left which perhaps is pretty long but comon, its gonna past at the speed of light. the past 4 months were really enjoyable. highlight- usa trip<3 x infinity/ wanna do it again. then theres all the dancing/ planning/ shopping/ korean-ing/ fan girl-ing etc its all been so good it past all too fast! pfft. come backk my holidaysss! :(

oh well, many many well lined up jobs to come in the next few week which means more moolah into my really and hopelessly empty pocket. yay to that(:

world peas for lunch= im still hungry
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day 3423871920 of my life

went out with the class yesterday and i heard that there are girls that sign on to army! omg so so cool. i think i should sign on. i heard that they earn lots and lots of money etc. omygosh. really cool. respect yo! been dancing a lot recently. hmm. with charmaine and gloria( I TELL YOU ALL I AM SO SO SERIOUS) and also at o school. excited much. really cant wait for mondays and the next open class?? (we're going right?)

i came to this weirdly realistic but oh so practical conclusion that im desperately in need of money. not because im totally broke(yet) but because of the security. argh. i so so need a job. idk doing what but hopefully i can keep getting jobs that are are oneday/ twoday things(: that would be nice. so many many things to doo! so little little moolah.

<3 val

korean music festival!

i wanna be there! 2pm is gonna open for the wonder girls on their US tour and maybe 2am too(: and they're gonna be performing in like LA and anahiem!hahaha. girls, interested in another trip down??((: I REALLY WANNA GOO!!!! ARGH. lucky uriah.

dance, korean, yay

yay. gonna do so much stuff today(: first official but not so official Korean class with the Korean poop coming up later. jazz dance class later and yes, more thinking about dance steps((: so excited.

i miss cali:(

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ahh. three months into 2010. happening, so many things to occupy myself with but yet now i dont know which are the things that really matter. life is sort of stagnant right tired of thinking of what to do if i've to stay in this tiny island.yet i dont know anymore if i can pursue what i truly want. so many plans, no opportunities. thank you Singapore for restricting everything i want in my life. oh how i love you for being so safe.

come to think of it, there have been so many many changes since the start of 2010. i've started to realise what i can actually want in my life. no what i want but rather what i CAN want which is pretty awesome. i've started the whole kpop crazy thing which is awesomely refreshing. makes me rlly happy everytime((: i've got to know some people for who they rlly are.good and bad. i've grown up a lil or so i feel so. i wanna be independent maybe??lol.i've actually started to think and even plan for my nx step in life which is smth new! i've become closer to some people i love, complicated or not and im rlly happy abt that. ahhh. so many many changes((: oh yea, and i've started work, and didnt quit within 2 days. hahaha.

now that alvls results are settled, i could settle sats too but circumstances has made me all confused and screwed up again. thanks a lot.

one step at a time

its been three weeks or thereabout since i came back from cali and still, every now and then, which means every hour or two(or under any situation that seemed somewhat similar to anytime event that happened in cali) i will think of cali!hahaha. yes, i cant get over it and i wont be able getting over myself if i got over it. oh well. so many things has happened thus far. not as exciting but well, at least my schedule is tight and so i dont really have any random free days to rot. i saw SHINee!!! thanks to gloria lim wei who got mr pretty much addicted to the whole kpop thing. gaaah! gloriaaaaaa.heehee. but i <3 you for that. i was a good 4m away from them! and yes, i spent the whole day doing some homework( watching kpop vids- shinee and more 2pm) and now i can recognise all of them! you can so test me. omg omg omg. everyone is super cute. except maybe onew. haha. hes cute in a different way lah. but hello baby was omg!!!!!! minho is so damn attractive when hes so nice to the kid<333333

besides going crazy/stalking(like seriously)/becoming partital fan girl, ive been looking for jobs! going for a starhub interview tmr. *crosses fingers* i hope the jobs is smth nice. well working isnt suppose to be nice and i dont rlly know what the job is about but then again, it beats being jobless and penniless.

hahaha. ,my red light is slowly turning green! girls imy all!!! mett soon like soon like real soon. cant believe i have spent a few days away from shermaine and aline!


just returned from disneyland and cali adventure park. awesome. totally leggit. seriously. hahaha. it was super fun, super wet, super cold(well not really) and there were super a lot of ccgs! ttm! (((: IMA HAPPY WOMAN. anway, we had lotsa fun. went mostly for the thrilling rides like the roller coaster that went at speed of light. omg, i totally screamed my lungs out. and midway, i had no more breath to scream. HAHA. I cant believe all that is over now though. its like san fransisco, check. las vegas, check.disneyland, check. boo. which also means that im left with one more week of heaven and refrigeration and then back into sad sad reality and yes, the oven where global warming is felt 24/7. SAD! sigh please please stop time!! gosh. so now people are like ' oh so when are you leaving??' and i'll just go like ' hahaha, never. like seriously.' oh gosh. pssssh(new word from gloria)

anyway, i am so gonna enjoy whatever time i have left here. we're prolly gonna shop more(goodness gracious) and check out schools, chill, go to nubi's EVERYDAY. hmm. and idk what else. i would just like to chill for the rest of the week and sock in the American lifestyle. thats about whats left. oh a more positive note, im thinking that theres stuff waiting for me back in singapore. cell group expansion, church stuff, work(i dont want!!!)... ... ... blah blah.

i really really dont wanna leave:(
please stop time!!!
love, val


i<3 Las Vegas!haha. at least more than sanfransisco. hmmm. there were more lights(hell lot more), more people,more sights and more things to do. okay.. it was more HAPPENING. we went to circus circus on the first night, after sushi buffet. haha. we played at the arcade!i cant believe i did ddr. gosh. i totally never dared do it in singapore(makes me feel retarded) but yes, i did pretty well(crosses fingers)((: went to belagio, caesar palace, watch the musical dancing fountain thing... ...and many other places i dont know the names of. heehee. AND WE WENT FOR BUFFET AGAIN!!wahahah. eat and eat. gosh. but yes it was super nice. whoohoo. DISNEYLAND TOMORROW!!!

san fransisco

just came back from sanfran! spent 3 days there. omg! it is freezing cold up there. like my whole face could have totally dropped off. hahaha. super duper cold! and to top it all off, there was wind. gosh. anyway, it was so fun. we visited like fisherman warhf, the curvy slope thing, the golden gate, sausalito...etc. didnt buy much stuff but the experience was awesome. LOL. ate jap food yesterday and it was so good! seriously. so so good. oh and then we went for ice cream and it was even better!haha. so awesome. the girls did lots of shopping tho. like at urban outfitters, more coach,charlotte russe blah a nutshell, i totally enjoyed the scenery, the company, the coldness, the udon, the ice cream, the car ride with loud music and nice song choice(duh)and the entire experience!((: going to vegas tmr! too young for the casino though. but stilll, haha we can try to pop balloons thing for stuffed toys!whoo. oh yea. and there should be really awesome shows there i guess. i so wanna experience so many more things here. going to church, going to school..etc,. both will be checked pretty soon. (:

peace out, valerie