MISSZER0NINE (misszeronine) wrote,

hot hot saturday

argh. i quit my job after a day. haha. i feel so so bad for jeremy but then carrying the huge billboard and lugging it around whilst having to give out fliers isnt exactly comfortable. its tiringgg and i cant even whine cos im not doing it with a friend. oh well. quit after a day(: heh.
other than the really hot sun, the really really unbearable heat and the heavy billboard, today was good(: i had my ah chu which was really satisfying((: mango sago with pomelooo. hahaha.good stuff. i can't wait for tomorrow and i cant wait for the coming week. i dont really know whats on or so but i just cant wait. new day= new stuff= new fun(:

# anything/ everything you chase always runs away
love love
Tags: ah chu, work
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